Miniature Phototransistor Optocoupler for Hybrid Assembly

The OLI100 is designed especially for hybrid applications that require optical isolation with a high current transfer ratio and low saturation VCE. The device consists of a light emitting diode, and an N-P-N silicon phototransistor mounted and coupled in a miniature custom ceramic package.

The very low input current makes the OLI100 well suited for direct CMOS to Low Power Schottky Transistor to Transistor Logic (LSTTL/TTL) interfaces.

The OLI100 is mounted by standard hybrid assembly with nonconductive epoxies. Gold or aluminum wire bonding can be used to make electrical connections for maximum placement flexibility.


    • Current transfer ratio guaranteed over –55 °C to +125 °C ambient temperature range
    • Electrical isolation: 1500 VDC
    • High current transfer ratio: 100% minimum over temperature
    • High current transfer ratio at low input current: 100% at IF = 1 mA over temperature
    • High reliability and rugged construction
    • CTR-comparable to Darlington output but with low saturation VCE = 0.15 V typical
    • Similar to 4N2X, 4N3X type optocouplers
    • Custom package available

Images & Diagrams


    • Memo
    • Condition
    • CTR @ IF = 10 mA
    • CTR Min.
    • 100%
    • CTR Max.
    • BVCEO (V)
    • 30
    • Vcc Max. (V)
    • Switching Time (μs)
    • 25
    • Isolation @ VDC 1 Sec.
    • 1500
    • Package Photo
    • Package Info
    • 6-Lead Ceramic Carrier Chip for Hybrid Assembly
    • Radiation Tolerant
    • No Base Connection

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