0.1 to 2.7 GHz SP4T High-Power Antenna Tuning Switch in a WLCSP Package Applications

Please note: SKY19225-001 is being discontinued and is not recommended for new designs. The suggested replacement is SKY19245-686LF

The SKY19225-001 is a wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) single-pole, four-throw (SP4T) switch designed for antenna tuning applications that require very low RON and COFF. The SKY19225-001 can also be used for LTE/WCDMA/GSM transmit applications. Switching is controlled by an integrated GPIO interface with two control pins and an Enable pin. Depending on the logic voltage level applied to the control pins, the antenna port is connected to one of the four switched RF outputs through a low insertion loss path, while the path between the antenna port and the other RF ports is in a high-isolation state.

No external DC blocking capacitors are required as long as no DC voltage is applied on any RF path.

The SKY19225-001 is provided in a compact 11-bump, 1.685 x 1.685 x 0.547 mm WLCSP that meets requirements for board-level assembly. Bump diameters are 262 microns with a minimum bump pitch of 400 microns.


Description (Absorptive/ Reflective)SP4T
Replacement Part SKY19245-686LF
Frequency (GHz) Min.0.1
Frequency (GHz) Max.2.7
RON (Ω)1.3
COFF (fF)285
Vpk (V)39
Control LogicGPIO
PackageWLCSP, 11-bump
Package (mm)1.6 x 1.6 x 0.55


  • Broadband frequency range: 0.1 to 2.7 GHz
  • Vpeak: 39 V
  • RON: 1.3 Ω
  • COFF: 285 fF
  • Supply voltage: 2.4 to 4.8 V
  • Control logic: GPIO
  • High isolation: +33 dB @ 2.7 GHz
  • Small WLCSP (11-bump, 1.685 x 1.685 x 0.547 mm maximum,
  • 262 µm diameter, 400 µm pitch) package (MSL1, 260 °C per JEDEC J-STD-020)

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