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Skyworks’ AccuTime™ IEEE 1588 software, NetSync network synchronizers & NetSync wireless clocks

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Next-generation technologies are increasingly faster, smarter and more dynamic. Our solutions offer the foundation for a vibrant ecosystem that goes beyond smartphones and person-to-person communications. Skyworks' products deliver superior performance while solving the daunting analog and RF complexities that exceed the capabilities of today’s existing hardware and networks.

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AccuTime™ IEEE 1588 software

As IEEE 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) becomes the preferred technology for time synchronization in 5G networks and multiple other applications, designers find themselves faced with the task of requiring complex sub-systems of not only network synchronizer PLLs, but also software to implement the PTP stack and time recovery algorithms. Our AccuTime™ solution is designed to perform this role in conjunction with the company's NetSync™ network synchronizers, greatly reducing development effort and offering industry-leading performance to meet even the most stringent requirements.

AccuTime™ is ideal for 5G networks, including O-RAN O-DU, O-RU and fronthaul gateway equipment, as well as other telecom and data switching applications.

NetSync™ network Synchronizers

NetSync™ network synchronizer clocks utilize fifth-generation DSPLL™ and MultiSynth™ technologies providing all the features required to support Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE)-compliant wander filtering and software adjustment of output frequency and phase for IEEE 1588 applications. These devices offer ultra-low jitter, ultra-low phase noise output clocks, eliminating the need for a follow-on jitter attenuator device. With up to four DSPLL’s and flexible MultiSynth placement this unique architecture can reduce complexity and size while achieving low power consumption. These combination of features make them ideal suited in today’s complex network equipment.



NetSync™ Wireless Clocks

Our network synchronizer clocks lead the industry in jitter performance while offering low power consumption and are ideally suited for SyncE/SONET/SDH timing card and pizza box applications, as well as 5G wireless communication systems and data center switches. With up to three integrated DSPLL® devices and small package sizes, these devices reduce complexity and PCB footprint requirements for timing synchronization. Each DSPLL is individually configurable as a SyncE/SONET/SDH PLL, IEEE 1588 DCO with support for 1PPS/1Hz, or a general-purpose PLL for processor or FPGA clocking. Legacy SETS systems can also use these devices to achieve Stratum 3/3E compliance.