Si8711CC-IS isolators are pin-compatible, single-channel, drop-in optocoupler replacements with data rates up to 1 Mbps. The device isolates high-speed digital signals and offers performance, reliability, and flexibility advantages unavailable with optocoupler solutions. The Si8711CC-IS is based on our proprietary CMOS isolation technology for low-power and high-speed operation and is resistant to the wear-out effects found in optocouplers that degrade performance with increasing temperature, forward current, and device age. As a result, it offers longer service life and dramatically higher reliability compared to a traditional optocoupler. 


Max Data Rate (Mbps)1
Integrated Pull-Uptrue
Default Output StateHi-Z
Input TypeLED Emulator
Temperature Range Min (°C)-40
10 kV Surgetrue
Package TypeNB SOIC8
Unidirectional Channels1
Forward Channels1
Channel TypeUnidirectional
Bidirectional Channels0
Output Supply (V)3
Package Size (mm)3.90x4.90
DescriptionOptocoupler Replacement Isolator
Reverse Channels0
Max Propagation Delay60
Enable Controlfalse
Isolation Rating (kVrms)3.75
Temperature Range Max (°C)125

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Evaluation Kits

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Si871x SOIC8 LED Emulator Input Isolation Evaluation Kit

The Si871x evaluation kit eases evaluation of the performance of our Si87xx LED emulator input isolator in the 8-pin, SOIC package. The evaluation board is flexible enough to allow both hook-up to lab equipment for detailed spec evaluation as well as connection to an existing board. The evaluation board is jumper configurable for different device configurations and different drive schemes.

MSRP $29.00