Fax Modems

Our Si2417 and Si2435 ISOmodem® devices are complete two-chip fax modems integrating our proprietary Direct Access Arrangement (DAA) to provide a globally-programmable telephone line interface with an unparalleled level of integration. Available in two small outline packages, these compact modem solutions eliminate the need for a separate DSP, modem controller, codec, isolation transformer, relays, opto-isolators, and a 2/4 wire hybrid. The Si2417 and Si2435 ISOmodems provide conventional fax formats with connect rates of up to 14,400 bps and 33,600 bps, over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Other features include: parallel phone detection, line-in-use monitoring, global caller ID, data/fax/voice discrimination, V.253 event reporting, and excellent surge immunity.