Legacy Network Synchronizer Clocks

Our network synchronizer clocks lead the industry in jitter performance while offering low power consumption and are ideally suited for SyncE/SONET/SDH timing card and pizza box applications, as well as 5G wireless communication systems and data center switches. With up to three integrated DSPLL® devices and small package sizes, these devices reduce complexity and PCB footprint requirements for timing synchronization. Each DSPLL is individually configurable as a SyncE/SONET/SDH PLL, IEEE 1588 DCO with support for 1PPS/1Hz, or a general-purpose PLL for processor or FPGA clocking. Legacy SETS systems can also use these devices to achieve Stratum 3/3E compliance.

Si5388/89 clocks have embedded IEEE 1588 servo loop processing. When combined with the available IEEE 1588 host software stack, it forms a complete IEEE 1588 synchronization solution.

Timing Solution for Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC AND RFSoC