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Technical Ceramics

As an industry leader in advanced technical ceramics materials, we have a complete line of high quality RF filter and material solutions for a wide range of new and emerging markets and applications including 5G infrastructure, military/aerospace, wireless communications and the Internet of Things. We produce the best and most consistently reproducible components for both low and high volume requirements.

TT49778E-TR Band Pass Filters 1227/1575 MHz Ceramic Diplexer
TT49777E-TR Band Pass Filters 3200 MHz Ceramic Filter
TT49767E-TR Band Pass Filters 1434 MHz Ceramic Filter
TT49766E-TR Band Pass Filters 1090 MHz Ceramic Filter
TT49765E-TR Band Pass Filters 1030 MHz Ceramic Filter
TT49764E-TR Band Pass Filters 4700 MHz Ceramic Filter
8700 Series Temperature-Stable Ceramic Dielectric Resonator Materials Dielectric Resonators
D-9000 Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze (TTB) TTB's
G-810 Narrow Linewidth Narrow Linewidth
TTVG-1950 Narrow Linewidth Narrow Linewidth


Brochure Dielectric and Magnetic Materials Brochure Dielectric-and-Magnetic-Materials.pdf
Brochure Antenna Solutions Specialty Materials brochure index.html
Data Sheets Microwave Ferrites MicrowaveFerrites_203765D.pdf
Data Sheets Microwave Garnets Microwave_Garnets_204672A.pdf
Application Notes A Discussion of Ferrite Material Characteristics in Waveguide Digital Phase Shifters Discussion_of_Ferrite_Material_Characteristics_202812B.pdf
Application Notes Ferrimagnetic Substrates for Microwave Integrated Circuits Ferrimagnetic_Substrates_for_Microwave_ICs_202839B.pdf
Application Notes No. 6510: Use of Ferrimagnetic Material in Isolators No6510.pdf
Application Notes No. 6512: Use of Ferrimagnetic Materials in Gyrators No6512.pdf
Application Notes Permeability Spectra of Ferrimagnetic Materials Permeability_Spectra_202867B.pdf
Application Notes Stabilization of Remanent Induction by Thermal Annealing Stabilization_of_Remanent_Induction_202866B.pdf
Application Notes Test for Complex Dielectric Constant Test_for_Complex_Dielectric_Constant_202868B.pdf
Application Notes Test for Hysteresis Loop Properties Test_for_Hysteresis_Loop_202869B.pdf
Application Notes Test for Line Width and Gyromagnetic Ratio Test_for_Line_Width_Gyromagnetic_Ratio_202837B.pdf
Application Notes Test for Saturation Magnetization Test_for_Saturation_Magnetization_202838B.pdf
Application Notes Test for Spinwave Line Width Test_for_Spinwave_Line_Width_202870B.pdf
Application Notes Test for Switching Coefficients Test_for_Switching_Coefficients_202871B.pdf
Application Notes Use of Ferrimagnetic Material in Circulators Ferrimagnetic_Material_in_Circulators_202840B.pdf
Designer Info Magnetics FAQs TT-PC-0810_Magnetic_FAQ.pdf