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Timing - ClockBuilder Pro Software (CBPro)


ClockBuilder Pro is a user-friendly software tool that simplifies clock tree design, providing system designers with the ability to customize our Clock Generators, Jitter Attenuators, Buffers and Oscillator products. The tool’s graphical user interface guides users through a step-by-step process to enter the reference clock parameters specific to each design, which results in a configuration file. ClockBuilder Pro also provides users with real time feedback on key performance parameters, offering suggestions to optimize power consumption and RMS phase jitter performance. Once a configuration file is complete, the tool can generate a custom part number and provide a corresponding datasheet addendum. ClockBuilder Pro is also used as the primary interface to communicate with evaluation boards as well as the Field Programmer Tool.
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  • Clockbuilder Pro Software (CBPRO)


Release Notes ClockBuilder Pro - README ClockBuilder-Pro-README.pdf
Software ClockBuilder Pro Software (CBPro) clockbuilder-pro-installer.zip

ClockBuilder Pro Software (CBPro)

ClockBuilder Pro (CBPro) is designed to simplify clock tree design and device configuration. This software uses an easy-to-operate user interface that can customize our Clock Generators and Jitter Attenuators, request a custom part number and request custom phase noise plot reports. CBPro connects to all related EVBs and the CBPro Field Programmer that can then be used to program devices already mounted on customer boards. Release notes, Command Line Interface (CLI) documentation and general training information are also included in the software package.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy-to-use device configuration wizard - Logical step-by-step configuration enables mistake-free customization. CBPro presents only relevant features as you progress
  • Design-rule checks - Checks configuration for errors/warnings as you enter new information, allowing changes to be made before moving forward
  • Review of power and junction temperature - Estimates power requirements as you update your configuration to reduce design time
  • Crosstalk wizard - Checks for potential output coupling issues, even providing an option to auto place frequencies for optimum performance
  • Phase noise plots - Actual configuration can be tested on an evaluation board or plots can be requested easily through the web
  • In-system programming support - Create programming files that allow your host to reconfigure the device, including support for advanced frequency-on-the-fly scenarios

Easy to Use Evaluation Platforms

Each timing product has an evaluation board that makes it easy to move from ClockBuilder Pro device configuration to hands-on performance evaluation.

Each kit offers the following features:

  • Seamless download from ClockBuilder Pro to EVB
  • SMA connectors for high quality measurements
  • No external clocks are required for free-run evaluation
  • Real-time power and junction temperature measurements
  • Access all registers, LED indicators and I/O
  • Most configurations can be powered by USB