900 MHz Transmit/Receive Front-end Module

Skyworks SKY65313-21 is a high performance, transmit/receive (T/R) Front-End Module (FEM). The device provides a complete T/R chain with T/R switches.

The device transmit chain features +30.5 dBm output power and a 40 percent Power Added Efficiency (PAE).

The device receive chain features a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) with a 1.4 dB Noise Figure (NF) and 16.6 dB gain. The cascaded NF and gain, taking into account the 0.5 dB insertion loss transmit/receive antenna switch, are 1.9 dB and 16.1 dB, respectively, which makes the SKY65313-21 ideal for medium power microwave links such as 900 MHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band applications.

The module also has a shut-down mode and LNA bypass mode to minimize power consumption.

The device is mounted in a 28-pin, 6 x 6 mm Multi-Chip Module (MCM) Surface-Mounted Technology (SMT) package, which allows for a highly manufacturable low-cost solution.

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Product LifecycleIn Production
RF Frequency (MHz)860-930
Rx Insertion Loss (dB) Typ.
802.11 WLAN Standard
Rx Gain (dB) Typ.16.1
Tx Gain (dB)20.5
Rx NF (dB) Typ.1.9
Saturated Output Power (dBm) Typ.30.5
Supply Voltage (V)3.3
PackageMCM, 28-pin
Package (mm)6 x 6 x 0.9


  • Transmit output power > +30.5 dBm
  • High efficiency PA
  • Analog power control
  • Receive path NF <1.9 dB
  • LNA bypass mode
  • Integrated control logic
  • Internal RF match and bias circuits
  • All RF ports internally DC blocked
  • Shutdown mode
  • Small footprint, MCM (28-pin, 6 x 6 mm) package (MSL3, 260 °C per JEDEC J-STD-020)

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