Si83408ADA Smart Switch SPI Evaluation Kit (Motherboard + Daughtercard)

The Si83408ADA-KIT allows designers to evaluate the 4 channel, high-side (sourcing) isolated smart switch with an SPI interface. The kit comes with an Si83408ADA daughtercard, an Si83xx SPI Motherboard, which supports up to 4 pluggable daughtercards in a stack configuration, as well as a micro-USB cable and 24 VDC wall wart. The system is controlled by the Skyworks Industrial I/O Control Panel, a Python-based desktop application that runs on a host PC and interfaces with the devices in the stack via USB. Each Si83408ADA daughtercard comes equipped with 4 output channels that meet IEC 61131-2 requirements for 0.5 A outputs and can be loaded with pluggable terminal blocks for quick evaluation.

The Si83408ADA-KIT is part of the Si83xx-SPI-MB portfolio, where you can order additional daughtercards to evaluate up to 4 devices at a time. Note that KIT options come with a motherboard and daughtercard, while the DC options come with the daughtercard only. Daughtercards require a motherboard to plug into for evaluation and use of the software tool.

MSRP $175.00


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