Hermetic Linear Optocoupler

The OLH7000 linear optocoupler consists of two LEDs in a series coupled to two PIN photodiode detectors.

The photodiode on the input side acts as a feedback device that permits an external feedback loop to ensure constant LED light output. A similar matching photodiode on the output side is used to drive an output circuit that is electrically isolated from the input. A fixed relationship is thus maintained between the input and output, and compensates for the LED's nonlinear, time, and temperature characteristics.

Each OLH7000 is mounted and coupled in a hermetic 8-pin ceramic dual in-line package (DIP) that provides 1000 VDC electrical isolation between the input and output.


    • High reliability and rugged hermetic construction
    • Couples AC and DC signals
    • 1000 VDC electrical isolation
    • Matched photodiodes
    • Excellent linearity and stability

Images & Diagrams


    • Condition
    • Transfer Gain, K1/K2
    • Transfer Gain Min.
    • 0.75
    • Transfer Gain Max.
    • 1.25
    • Isolation @ VDC 1 Sec.
    • 1000
    • Package Photo
    • Package Info
    • 8-Lead Hermetic Dip

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