8700 Series

Dielectric Resonators

The 8700 series is designed for use from 6 GHz to 40 GHz and features excellent loss characteristics. This series offers a wide selection of temperature coefficients of resonant frequency for easier circuit compensation and a Q greater than 10,000 at 10 GHz for high stability DRO designs up to millimeter wave frequencies.


    • High εr
    • Q >10,000
    • Wide Range of τf
    • Frequency Stability Versus Temperature
    • Reduced Size and Weight
    • High Stability DRO Design
    • Ease of Compensation for Temperature Drift
    • Repeatability of Design
    • Negligible Aging Effects

Images & Diagrams


    • E'
    • 30
    • QxF*
    • 100000
    • Relative Cost/Volume
    • High
    • Linearity
    • Very Good
    • Frequency Range
    • 6.0 - 40 GHz

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