Si53302-B-GM Any Format Clock Buffer

The Si53302-B-GM is a universal 2 : 10 low jitter clock buffer/level translator with a pin-selectable output clock signal format and divider selection. The Si53302-B-GM features a glitchless switching mux, making it ideal for redundant clocking applications. The Si53302-B-GM utilizes Silicon Laboratories' advanced CMOS technology to fanout 10 from 1 to 725 MHz with guaranteed low additive jitter, low skew, and low propagation delay variability. The Si53302-B-GM features minimal cross-talk and provides superior supply noise rejection, simplifying low jitter clock distribution in noisy environments. Independent core and output bank supply pins provide integrated level translation without the need for external circuitry.


Output Bin>
Temperature Range Min (°C)-40
Package TypeQFN44
Line Impedance Match0
Universal Bufferstrue
Number of Inputs2
Number of Outputs10
Frequency Max725
Frequency Min (MHz)1
Package Size (mm)7x7
DescriptionUniversal 2:10 Clock Buffer
VDDO (V)1.8 V; 2.5 V; 3.3 V
Additive Jitter (ps RMS)0.05
VDD (V)1.8 V; 2.5 V; 3.3 V
PCIe Complianttrue
Feedback Pathfalse
Output Format CategoriesDifferential; Single-Ended
Single Ended Inputfalse
LVCMOS Buffersfalse
Differential Bufferstrue
Temperature Range Max (°C)85
Zero Delay Buffersfalse

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Evaluation Kits

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Si533xx Low Jitter Clock Buffer Evaluation Kit

The Si53301/4-EVB development kit allows customers to quickly evaluate the performance of Si5330x low jitter fanout buffers. Populated with a Si53301 2-input, 6-output buffer, the EVB can be used to evaluate the performance of all Si533xx products. The device is easily configured via jumpers with no external software required. SMA connections provide easy connection to test equipment.

MSRP $149.00

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ClockBuilder Pro Field Programmer

When used with ClockBuilder Pro software, the ClockBuilder Pro Field Programmer makes it simple for systems designers to develop, program, and debug any Si5332/8, Si5350/1/6/7, Si534x/6x/8x/9x, Si540x, and Si55xx part families clock device “in-system,” or in one of the convenient QFN sockets. The field programmer supports I2C or SPI interfaces to the host system, and SPI to the field programmer's QFN socket boards.

MSRP $149.00