PCI Express Clock Fanout Buffer Si53102-A2

The Si53102-A2 is a PCI Express Gen 1/2/3/4/5 1 : 2 fanout buffer that meets all of the performance requirements of the Intel DB1900Z specification. The device is optimized for distributing 1 reference clock for Intel® UltraPath and QuickPath Interconnect (Intel UPI/QPI), PCIe Gen 1/2/3/4/5 , SAS, SATA and Intel Scalable Memory Interconnect (Intel SMI) applications. Each differential output can be enabled through individual hardware pins for maximum flexibility and power savings.


Output Bin<
Temperature Range Min (°C)-40
Package TypeTDFN8
Line Impedance Match0
Universal Buffersfalse
Number of Inputs1
Number of Outputs2
Frequency Max175
Frequency Min (MHz)10
Package Size (mm)1.4x1.6
DescriptionPCI-Express Fan-out Buffer
Ouput Format(s)HCSL
Additive Jitter (ps RMS)0.2
VDD (V)2.5; 3.3
PCIe Complianttrue
Feedback Pathfalse
Output Format CategoriesDifferential
PCIe Performance1; 2; 3
Single Ended Inputfalse
LVCMOS Buffersfalse
Differential Buffersfalse
Temperature Range Max (°C)85
Zero Delay Buffersfalse

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ClockBuilder Pro Field Programmer

When used with ClockBuilder Pro software, the ClockBuilder Pro Field Programmer makes it simple for systems designers to develop, program, and debug any Si5332/8, Si5350/1/6/7, Si534x/6x/8x/9x, Si540x, and Si55xx part families clock device “in-system,” or in one of the convenient QFN sockets. The field programmer supports I2C or SPI interfaces to the host system, and SPI to the field programmer's QFN socket boards.

MSRP $149.00