Si5391A Ultra-Low Jitter Clock Generator with 12 Outputs and Integer and Fractional Frequency Synthesis Modes

The Si5391A ultra-low jitter clock generator supports 12 -outputs and has a maximum frequency output of 1028 MHz. The device provides Integer and Fractional frequency synthesis modes, 4 reference inputs and has a Phase Jitter of 0.075 ps.


Loop Bandwidth Max (MHz)
Input Frequency Min (MHz)10
Package TypeQFN64
Line Impedance Match0
Clock Generatorstrue
Jitter Attenuating Clocksfalse
Number of Outputs12
Input Frequency Max (MHz)750
Intel x86 Clocksfalse
Real Time Clockfalse
Package Size (mm)9x9
Description12-Output Any-Freq Clock Gen
Frequency Reference
4G/LTE Wireless Clocksfalse
56G SerDestrue
VDDO (V)1.8; 2.5; 3.3
VDD (V)1.8; 2.5; 3.3
Jitter Recommended Range (fs)<
PCI Expressfalse
Phase Jitter (ps RMS)0.075
Spread Spectrumfalse
Synchronous Ethernet/1588false
Xtal Input Frequency25-54
Reference Inputs4
Output Format CategoriesDifferential; Single-Ended
PCIe PerformanceGen1/2/3/4/5
Standards Compliance
Output Frequency Min (MHz)0.0002
Embedded Xtaltrue
Loop Bandwidth Min (MHz)
Output Frequency Max (MHz)1028

Product Documents

Quality and Packaging

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Certificate of Performance

Evaluation Kits

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Si5391A Clock Generator Evaluation Kit

The Si5391A-A-EVB makes it easy to move from ClockBuilder Pro device configuration to hands-on performance evaluation.

MSRP $299.00

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ClockBuilder Pro Field Programmer

When used with ClockBuilder Pro software, the ClockBuilder Pro Field Programmer makes it simple for systems designers to develop, program, and debug any Si5332/8, Si5350/1/6/7, Si534x/6x/8x/9x, Si540x, and Si55xx part families clock device “in-system,” or in one of the convenient QFN sockets. The field programmer supports I2C or SPI interfaces to the host system, and SPI to the field programmer's QFN socket boards.

MSRP $149.00