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Skyworks 5G Connectivity

  • Connecting Everyone and Everything, All the Time

We Create Technologies That Make 5G Work

5G will transform our world, creating an ecosystem where everyone is connected to everything, all the time ─ and changing how we live, work, play and learn.

Skyworks is at the forefront of this sea of change. Leveraging our technology leadership, broad systems expertise and operational scale, we are creating the solutions that will launch the true potential of 5G. A world of new and unimagined applications. From our breakthrough SKY5® unifying platform to our 5G small cell and multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) technology, Skyworks' comprehensive approach across both infrastructure and user equipment facilitates powerful, high-speed end-to-end 5G connectivity. 

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Premium Tier

Function Part Number
LB TX SKY58101-11
MHB TX SKY58107-31
UHB TX SKY58277-31
LMH DRX SKY53746-11
UHB DRX SKY53759-11 / SKY53761-11

Value Tier

Function Part Number
LB TX SKY58100-31
MHB TX SKY58105-31
UHB TX SKY58268-11
LMH DRX SKY53747-11 / SKY53748-11
UHB DRX SKY53759-11 / SKY53761-11