Miniature High-speed Optocoupler for Hybrid Assembly

The OLI300 is suitable for interfacing Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) to Low Power Schottky Transistor-Transistor Logic (LSTTL), TTL, or Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS), as well as wide bandwidth analog applications.

Each OLI300 has an LED and an integrated photodiode transistor detector mounted and coupled in a miniature custom ceramic package that provides 1500 VDC of electrical isolation between the input and output. The integrated photodiode transistor improves the switching speed by orders of magnitude as compared to standard phototransistors by reducing the base-to-collector capacitance.

Device mounting is achieved by a standard hybrid assembly with non-conductive epoxies. Gold or aluminum wire bonding can be used to make electrical connections for maximum placement flexibility.

Note: Certain cleaning processes may be harmful to this device. Contact us for more details.


    • Electrical parameters guaranteed over –55 °C to +125 °C ambient temperature range
    • 1500 VDC electrical isolation
    • Small footprint for a hybrid device
    • High-speed, 1 Mbps typical
    • Open collector output
    • High reliability and rugged construction
    • Similar to 6N135/136, 4N55 type optocouplers
    • Radiation tolerant
    • Custom packages are available (contact Isolink)

Images & Diagrams


    • Memo
    • Condition
    • CTR @ IF = 10 mA
    • CTR Min.
    • 15
    • CTR Max.
    • BVCEO (V)
    • Vcc Max. (V)
    • 18
    • Propagation Delay
    • 2µs Max.
    • Isolation @ VDC 1 Sec.
    • 1500
    • Package Photo
    • Package Info
    • 6-Lead Ceramic Carrier Chip for Hybrid Assembly
    • Radiation Tolerant
    • Yes