Si8281 Isolated Gate Driver Evaluation Kit

The Si8281v2-EVB is a versatile platform that demonstrates the capabilities of the Si8281 SiC FET-Ready ISODriver with Safety Features and integrated DC/DC converter for driving SiC FET or IGBT power switching devices. It includes two switch device sockets, with the high-side switch device connected in the off-state to function as a diode. This setup enables the low-side SiC/IGBT switching device to work with an external inductor to support double pulse testing and switching loss measurements. The EVB can also be used to test the Si8281 gate driver capabilities, such as output current and DSAT protection circuits, by placing a SiC or IGBT switch in the low-side socket and exercising the on-board Si8281 low-side driver.

MSRP $199.00


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