Si3406 Isolated 7 W, 12V Class 2 Evaluation Kit

The Si3406 12 V Class 2 evaluation kit demonstrates a complete isolated 7 W Power over Ethernet PD system using our Si3406 PoE PD device. A single Si3406 manages the PoE interface and dc-dc conversion. The Si3406 PD integrates an internal rectifier bridge, detection circuit, classification circuit, dc/dc switch, hotswap switch, TVS overvoltage protection, dynamic soft-start circuit, cycle-by-cycle current limit, thermal shutdown, optional synchronous secondary rectification driver, automatic and user-mode MPS functionality, and inrush current protection. The isolated flyback converter outputs up to 0.45 A for a total power of 7 W while using a standard, off-the-shelf transformer. The Sifos IEEE compliance report, schematics, and layout, are all found in the User’s Guide.

MSRP $99.00


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