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Transmit Solutions

Elevating Performance with Industry-Leading Primary Path Architectures

Skyworks is enabling technology evolutions industry-wide with its advanced cellular transmit solutions for mobile devices. Leveraging decades of systems and module expertise, we architect baseband agnostic solutions that utilize our advanced power amplifier, low noise amplifier, filter and switch technologies. Our portfolio covers 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G applications, addressing specific customer priorities for system efficiency, solution size and total cost.

Skyworks’ latest modules for 5G from our SKY5® portfolio feature the highest transmit efficiency — optimizing battery life and enhancing thermal benefits — and advanced BAW and TC-SAW technologies in an exceptionally compact form factor, while supporting the maximum combination of carrier aggregation (CA) bands.

Our products uniquely provide the best performance at targeted frequency bands, supporting up to 100 MHz wide bandwidth, maximizing data throughput at ultra-fast speeds.

  • Our Fully-integrated Front-end Solution Delivers the Highest Transmit Efficiency