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Medical and Healthcare

Connected solutions are improving the care of millions and changing healthcare administration. Physicians can remotely monitor patients, access critical information and practice clinical care from a distance through telemedicine. Our cutting-edge technologies are optimized to provide enhanced, reliable data transmission. Whether it's wearable monitors, patient telemetry or medical imaging equipment, we are providing vital connectivity for the next-generation of healthcare.

Medical and Healthcare resources

White Paper White Paper Discussion of RGA Test for Moisture Content for Isolink Optocouplers WP_RGA_2017_Feb.pdf
Brochure Optocouplers Selection Guide Brochure Optocouplers-Selection-Guide.pdf
Application Notes Gamma Total Dose Radiation Performance Gamma_total_dose_radiation_performance_204662A_AN.pdf
White Paper Proton Radiation Graph White Paper WP_Proton_radiation_graph.pdf
Designer Info High Reliability Process Option Flow Chart for Hermetic Optocouplers SX_AND_SB_FLOW_CHART.pdf