1930 to 1995 MHz Linear Power Amplifier

The SKY66189-11 is a high-linearity power amplifier (PA) with fully matched input/output and high gain. The compact 5 x 5 mm PA is designed for FDD 3G/4G LTE small cell base stations operating from 1930 to 1995 MHz. The active biasing circuitry is integrated to compensate PA performance over temperature, voltage, and process variation as well as an internal coupler for power monitoring.

The SKY66189-11 requires minimal external components and is part of a high-linearity, pin-to-pin compatible PA family supporting all 3GPP bands.


Frequency Range (GHz)0.9-1.99
Test Frequency (GHz)1.96
Gain Typ. (dB)40
OIP3 (dBm)
P1 dB (dBm)31
Power Added Efficiency (%)10
Linear Output Power (dBm) +23
Supply Voltage (V)3.3
Quiescent Current Typ. (mA)370
PackageMCM, 28-pin
Package (mm)5 x 5 x 1.25


  • High gain: 40 dB (unconditionally stable)
  • High linearity: +23 dBm with –50 dBc ACLR @ 85°C (WCDMA Test Model 1 with 64 DPCH)
  • RF input and output internally matched to 50 Ω
  • Excellent output return loss: <–20 dB
  • Integrated active bias: performance compensated over temp
  • PA On/Off function: 3.5 μs switching time
  • Integrated coupler for output power monitoring
  • Single supply voltage: 3.3 V
  • Pin-to-pin compatible PA family supporting all 3GPP bands
  • Small 5 x 5 mm, 28-pin package (MSL3, 260°C per JEDEC J-STD-020)

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