2.4 GHz, 256 QAM Front-End Module for WLAN/ and Port Suitable for Bluetooth® Applications

The SKY85310-21 is a complete 802.11b/g/n 256 QAM WLAN RF front-end module (FEM) with support for a port suitable for Bluetooth® applications. The device provides all the functionality of a fully matched power amplifier (PA), power detector, low-noise amplifier (LNA), and single-pole, triple-throw (SP3T) switch.

The SKY85310-21 provides a complete 2.4 GHz WLAN RF solution from the output of the transceiver to the antenna, and from the antenna to the input of the transceiver. The LNA increases the receive sensitivity of embedded solutions to improve range or to overcome the insertion loss of cellular filters (often included for mobile applications).

The SKY85310-21 also includes a transmitter power detector with 20 dB of dynamic range, and a digital enable control for transmitter power ramp on/off control.

The device is provided in an ultra-compact, 16-pin 3 x 3 mm Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package.


Product LifecycleIn Production
Frequency Range (GHz)2.4-2.5
Test Frequency (GHz)TBD
Gain Typ. (dB)TBD
Typ. POUT (dBm)
OIP3 (dBm)
P1 dB (dBm)TBD
Power Added Efficiency (%)
Quiescent Current Typ. (mA)
Noise Figure Typ. (dB)
PackageQFN, 16-pin
Package (mm)3 x 3


  • Integrated high-performance 2.4 GHz PA, harmonic filter, LNA with bypass, and T/R switch
  • Fully matched input and output
  • LNA with integrated bypass mode
  • High performance SP3T switch to support a port suitable for Bluetooth® applications/Wi-Fi functions
  • Integrated positive slope power detector
  • Transmit gain: 30 dB
  • Receive gain: 12 dB
  • Small QFN (16-pin, 3 x 3 mm) package (MSL1, 260 °C per JEDEC J-STD-020)

  • Skyworks' products are designed to be used in connection with qualified Bluetooth® products and applications; however, Skyworks' products are not themselves qualified Bluetooth® products or otherwise approved by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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