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Digital Isolators

Our CMOS digital isolators enable the creation of lower cost, smaller size, higher performance, lower power, and more reliable isolated circuits than competing optocoupler solutions. With a broad product portfolio, a proven track record of industry innovation, and an unwavering commitment to engineering excellence, our isolation technology is ready to meet any isolation need. Si80xx, Si83xx, Si86xx, Si87xx, and Si88xx families of one to six-channel bi- and unidirectional digital isolators support isolation voltage ratings up to 5 kV.  

Digital Isolators Documents

White Paper CMOS Advanced Galvanic Isolators for Medical Electronics CMOS-Advanced-Galvanic-Isolators-for-Medical-Electronics.pdf
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White Paper 先进的数字隔离技术提高太阳能逆变器可靠性 Solar-Power-Inverter-Isolation-WP-cn.pdf
White Paper 先進的數位隔離技術提高太陽能逆變器的可靠性 Solar-Power-Inverter-Isolation-WP-tw.pdf
White Paper Advanced Digital Isolation Technologies Boost Solar Power Inverter Reliability Solar-Power-Inverter-Isolation-WP.pdf